Sunday, February 20, 2011

So now THIS February...

So I recently went to my cousins house, and while I was there, My cousin had an Ice Skating lesson. My brother went with to watch, and said that he wanted me to come along, so I went with. I watched as my cousin did her lesson. they were learning inside and outside edges, and spirals. After the lesson they always have free skate, and my cousin, the persuasive one, well, persuaded me, to skate with her and her friends, To tell you the truth, it was very fun. I'm glad I did that, because everyone always makes fun of me, like: "oh Laura, your such a scardey-cat! you don't want to go ice Skating anymore!" well, no. I. Wasn't. Scared. I don't really know what it was, but I know I wasn't scared, and especially my cousins that are boys, ugh!! it was so annoying!! But now I can say, "No, No, No! I am NOT scared, you just want to well, scare me!" well, I probably wouldn't say that, but, yeah. Anyway, um, yeah! :)(

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last February...

Hello everyone!

I am sorry that I have not written anything lately, I do not recall letting you know that last February [the 3rd, to be exact], I was Ice Skating to prepare for the Badger State Games, and it was actually the day before my competition, and I was skating towards my sister, and we collided.  letting hr to land sitting on my left leg, and it broke - OUCH!! yes, it did hurt, but not that much because I was in such shock. but fortunately: I had a really good and nice Doctor!, and nurse[s]. Now, usually you always want to break a bone, 'cause you think it would be so cool, well, I guess I only looked on the good side of things, because I thought it was amazing, i mean, in the beginning it was pretty hard to move around, because I couldn't put so much of the pressure of the cast [because it was ALL the way up to like, my hip!] on my leg. so my parents/strong siblings would have to carry me wherever I went. It was good overall though, but so many people that I talked to that had had the same thing [a broken leg], said like; "oh, isn't that annoying? don't you wish you could just walk normally?" I thought it was pretty fun! but I got rashes from the crutches under my arms. :(
may God bless all of you,

- Laura <><

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Winter Oympics

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted anything for so long!
Did any of you watch the past winter olympics?
if you did, did you watch the ice skating? it was so interesting!
did you watch the men's ice skating? I think Evan Lysaceck deserved the gold medal.
he was really good. I didn't think Johnny Wier (I have NOOOO clue how to spell his name)
was not very good at choosing his outfits. I'll try to keep posting, but for now i have to eat dinner!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Random Blog 9

Hey! i made another blog! I've noticed that I have 1-2 followers on it, so I must not have shared it on here, so here is the link:
If the link doesn't work, please tell me!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I love Ice Skating!!!!!!!

Hey! got 2 make this fast, but i LOVEEEEE Ice Sk8ing!!!!.
Do u???? I sure hope u do! don't be afraid when it's ur
1st time Ice Sk8ing, u'll get used 2 it eventually,
just hang onto the edge., there's usually a little edge
thing (it's part of the wall) that u can hold onto, it
helps, I dont use it, but I c other people doing it, and
it really helps them, i can tell!! well, g2g! (got to go).
- Lora Fetzer

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hey!! it's not mine, it's my sissys,
it's another blog!! it's called:
if you like random things!! (but they're COOL random things)

and another new blog, it's called:



Here's some ideas for what to wear when Ice Skating:

If you are a little kid, or get cold fast, you probably wanna wear somthin like this:
1) Long sleeve shirt, jacket.
2) long (tall) socks, Long underwear (optional), pants, snowpants (optional).
3) Thick Mittens/gloves, hat/earwarmer, neckwarmer (optional).

If you are an older person, or stay warm, you probably wanna wear somethin like this:
1) long sleeve shirt/tee-shirt, sweatshirt.
2) pants, socks.
3) thin mittens/gloves, small hat, scarf (optional).